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Boosting Success: How Positive Employee Experience in Automotive Dealerships Drives Customer Trust and Loyalty

The Importance of Customer Experience (CX)

Everyone in the dealership understands the importance of the customer experience (CX). OEMs send surveys to measure it because they can equate customer experience with owner loyalty and word of mouth. It's extremely important that dealership processes be designed to improve the experience of their customers. But how is your employee experience in automotive dealerships (EX)? Can we expect our employees to treat customers better if we don't treat them better?

Insights from DrivingSales Automotive Research

A few years ago, we conducted a research project around the customer experience. As part of this research, we performed a global principal component analysis, where we gave customers a variety of factors and asked them to rank them. The question we posed was, "What do you want most in your vehicle transaction? What do you value the most?" Out of 1 trillion possible combinations, by a landslide, the number one response was, "I need to be able to trust the dealership where I purchased the vehicle."

A smiling couple at an automotive dealership using a tablet to explore options, illustrating the importance of employee experience in dealerships. This interaction emphasizes how a positive employee experience enhances customer experience, driving trust and loyalty in automotive dealerships.

The Role of Trust in Car Sales for Customers

The second most valued factor was, "I need to be able to like and trust the individual that I'm purchasing the car from." This revelation may not be an “aha” moment for many of us. We all know customers want people and organizations they can trust. Furthermore, we all know how important it is to us as individuals to trust the people we associate with. 

The Role of Trust in Car Sales for Employees

However, the role of trust in car sales isn't just about customers; it extends to employees in car dealerships as well. Are your car dealership employees engaged and trained enough to provide that level of customer experience to build such trust? It's essential to stop viewing customer interactions as mere transactions and start seeing them as relationship-building opportunities. When employees are engaged, they create a trustworthy environment, encouraging customers to return and make future purchases.

Ready to survey your team? Start here.

Getting informed is the best first step in identifying how to improve employee feedback. Still stumped? Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our Understanding Perspectives Employee Survey.

Trust Within the Dealership

Just as customers seek trust in the dealerships they buy from, employees seek trust in the dealerships they work for. They need to trust their managers and feel supported in their career paths. This trust and support are critical for fostering a positive employee experience. But how much time and effort is your dealership investing in this aspect?

Measuring the Intangible

Employee experience may seem intangible, something that can't be easily measured on a financial statement. However, its impact is significant. Building processes to enhance employee experience requires daily management and prioritization. Ask yourself, how many meetings do you hold to discuss employee engagement, growth, and cultural development? Are you monitoring their career progress and providing regular feedback?

Creating a Culture of Development

To engage your employees effectively, you need to create a culture of development. This culture doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistent execution of well-defined processes. Employees need a clear career path, regular coaching sessions, and targeted training to improve their performance. Managers must understand what motivates their team members and help them achieve their goals. Scorecards are an excellent way to improve employee experience in automotive dealerships.

Two automotive technicians in a dealership service area using a computer to enhance customer experience, illustrating how better employee experience drives customer trust and loyalty

The Payoff of Improving Employee Experience in Car Dealerships

If you want to enhance both employee and customer experiences, your employees must trust your dealership and managers. It's an investment worth making. Research shows that improving employee trust and engagement can lead to a 21% increase in profitability.

How DrivingSales Can Help Improve Employee Experience in Automotive Dealerships

At DrivingSales, we understand the challenges of fostering a positive employee experience. We offer the processes needed to improve engagement and provide guidance on managing employee development. While this blog isn't a sales pitch, it's important to know that support is available. Reach out to see how we can help your dealership thrive by prioritizing employee experience.

By focusing on your employee experience in your automotive dealership, you're not just enhancing their work life—you're driving customer trust and loyalty, ultimately boosting your dealership's success.

Empowering Your Team with Targeted Training

We offer a range of courses that are meticulously designed to boost the skills and professionalism of your team, ensuring they are fully equipped to make a positive, lasting impression on every customer interaction. By participating in our targeted training programs, your employees will not only excel in their current roles but also drive the overall performance of your dealership forward.

Leveraging Employee Feedback for Success

Join our vibrant community at DrivingSales to tap into these opportunities for continuous growth and development. We are committed to helping you harness the importance of employee feedback to create a high-performing sales team that benefits both your dealership and your customers. Stay tuned for more insights on how to leverage employee engagement as a key driver of success in your automotive business.

Join Our Community for Continuous Growth

In conclusion, ensure your team is equipped to make a positive, lasting impression on every customer interaction. Tap into the resources at DrivingSales for continuous professional development and practical insights that keep your dealership at the forefront of the automotive industry.

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