Boosting Dealership Success: Effective Strategies for Increasing Employee Engagement and Profitability

Boost Employee Engagement in Dealerships to Drive Profitability

A recent Gallup study involving 82,000 businesses and 1.4 million employees reveals a crucial insight: engaged employees significantly enhance profitability. With companies showcasing 21% higher profits and numerous other benefits from a committed workforce, the imperative is clear—employee engagement in dealerships must be prioritized. But how exactly can you transform your dealership’s culture to foster this engagement?

The Power of Engagement

Organizations with higher employee engagement don't just see elevated profits—they also enjoy 20% increased sales, 17% enhanced productivity, and a significant reduction in staff turnover. Establishing a culture that promotes engagement involves creating structured processes similar to sales or finance operations already familiar to dealerships.

Creating a Culture of Coaching:

Transitioning from traditional management to a coaching model can address modern employees' desire for purpose and development. Unlike past generations that prioritized salary and job security, today's workforce seeks meaningful career development and personal growth. Managers must evolve into coaches, offering regular, personalized feedback that emphasizes strengths as much as weaknesses.

The Role of the Employee Scorecard

A practical tool to aid this transformation toward employee engagement in dealerships is through employee scorecards. By defining clear metrics for success and regular reviews, employees understand what excellence looks like and what is expected of them. This clarity is essential for motivation and improvement.

Monthly Review and Planning

Each month, employees should assess their performance against the scorecard. This review should culminate in a coaching session where achievements are celebrated, and performance gaps are addressed collaboratively. The goal is to formulate a clear action plan for the coming month, focusing not just on increased effort but on strategic changes and skills development.


Implementing a structured scorecard review process is more than an administrative task; it's a strategic move towards higher engagement and performance. Dealerships that have embraced this approach report not only higher sales with smaller teams but also a workforce motivated by clear goals and supported by dedicated leadership. Ultimately, improving employee engagement in dealerships is the responsibility of every member of the leadership team. 

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