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Thought Leadership

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Innovative Advertising

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Product Marketing


Priority Product Listings

Every day, dealership decision-makers visit Vendor Ratings to research and find vendors to help them reach their objectives. Vendor Ratings is the world's largest automative vendor marketplace with verified rating by dealers. A strong solid reputation and a sponsored listing gets you in front of the right dealership professionals at the right time.

Premium Product Showcase

A Premium Product Showcase is the ultimate product listing. Premium listings get 12x the amount of views as a Basic listing. Show off your solution with videos, product downloads, special offers, and enhanced reporting. Your listing gets preferred placement on the category page, to give you the most exposure. Premium listings also get conquest opportunities on non-sponsored pages.

Plus Product Showcase

Claim your page with a Plus Product Showcase. You get preferred placement on the category page, image uploads, reporting, and contact information. The Plus Product Showcase is a great way to enhance your listing and connect with dealership decision-makers.

Basic Product Showcase

Gain exposure for your product or solution with a free Basic Product Showcase. This listing gets you in a product category with your competition and gives you an opportunity to build your reputation by soliciting dealership reviews.

Thought Leadership

Company Blog

Interact with progressive dealership professionals in the DrivingSales community. Establish your company as a subject matter expert. Create a free blog to distribute your content and educate dealers. Answer questions and help the community solve problems in the forums.

Community Participation

Collaborate with dealers on the world’s largest automotive social network. The DrivingSales community is a perfect way to share best practices and present solutions to current dealership problems.

Event Workshop

DrivingSales hosts the most innovative live events. Share your insights by presenting a workshop at the DrivingSales Executive Summit or Presidents Club. Each presenter is hand-selected by a panel of dealer judges. Submit your speaking application and build your brand in our event workshops.

Award Applications

Compete for coveted awards on the main stage of DrivingSales Events. Our dealer panel reviews every application and selects the finalists that will present in front of the dealer audience.


Present best practices to a targeted dealer audience with webinars. Our unique pricing means you only pay for dealer registrations.

Innovative Advertising

Native Advertising

Promote your products and services with our native advertising. Native ad spots convert at a higher rate than conventional display ads. Amplify your reach with native advertising.

Newsletter Partnerships

Advertise to dealers in one of our newsletters. DrivingSales delivers insight to dealers weekly in topics like Sales, Fixed Ops, Human Capital, and Marketing. Each newsletter is sent to opt-in only subscribers (we don’t buy lists), which means higher delivery and open rates.

Experiential Event

Event Sponsorship

The best live events at the highest quality venues. Sponsorship at our events gives you the opportunity to engage and collaborate with the most innovative dealership decision-makers.

Advisory Board Meetings

DrivingSales contracts additional meeting space prior to our live events, providing you with the perfect opportunity to host a DAB or private meeting. Space is available from 20 dealers on up, and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Summit After the Summit

Host a user summit right after a DrivingSales live event. You control the agenda of the entire session. We provide an event coordinator and take care of the food and beverage minimums. It’s a great way to drive user engagement and capture new clients.

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