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Communicate Your Message

Dealers are looking for insights to improve their operations. Establish your company as a recognized authority and thought leader through DrivingSales webinars. Unlock exclusive access to the extensive DrivingSales member base and deliver your message to a substantial community of dealership innovators.

Garner Focused Attention

DrivingSales Webinars attract decision-makers and industry influencers who actively participate and engage with the insights shared during these presentations.

Webinars are a unique medium in the sense that can captivate your audience for extended periods, something that videos simply find challenging to achieve. In addition, webinars offer the added benefit of enabling your audience to actively pose questions and receive immediate, real-time feedback during the session.

Cultivate Precise Lead Generation

DrivingSales Webinars provide an excellent platform to connect and interact with the industry's most innovative and forward-thinking dealers.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Regrettably, high-quality lead generation can prove to be a challenge. Webinars serve as an excellent method to draw fresh attenion, create new leads, and ultimately converts these leads into customers. Our webinars provide an excellent source of lead generation with post-webinar touch points that allow you to leverage your content to a wider audience.

Industry Exclusive Pay-Per-Performance Pricing

Our webinar pricing is designed to drive registrations. Rather than paying a flat fee, DrivingSales charges per dealer registration. The result is simple. More quality registrations for you to target and engage providing you with great ROI.

DrivingSales Insights Podcast

Your webinar will be converted to an episode of the DrivingSales Insights podcast. Not only does this help memorialize your content, but casts a wider net. Anyone can listen to the podcast, not just the registrants or attendees of your webinar.

Best Practices for a Successful Webinar

The DrivingSales team collaborates with you to ensure your webinar achieves its goals. Webinar success hinges on two vital elements: content and timing. Here are some best practices that will enhance the value of your investment in a webinar.

Early Content Submission

Ensure you provide an overview of your content at least a month before your presentation. This lead time allows our team to create compelling promotional materials that will effectively market your webinar.

Emphasize Research and Case Studies

The DrivingSales audience highly values presentations that focus on practical applications of research. Dealers love learning from other dealers. Incorporate real-life dealer examples and actionable steps to boost engagement and audience retention.

Craft Compelling Titles and Descriptions

Spend time on your webinar title and description, as these are critical for effective marketing to our audience. The more information you provide us, the better we can communicate your topic. DrivingSales is happy to help. Feel free to enlist our team of industry experts in brainstorming ideas.

Promote the Webinar to Your Dealer Audience

Leverage your as an opportunity to reconnect with your contacts while establishing yourself as an industry authority and thought leader. This also serves as a chance to reignite interest among prospects. Our team is prepared to provide you with email templates, social media content, and more to facilitate this process.

Avoid Sales Pitches

Steer clear of product demonstrations and refrain from promoting your product. Instead, focus your presentation on how dealers can implement processes and solve challenges. Make the dealer the focus of the narrative, with your product as one of the tools that empowers them to succeed.

Provide Value with an Offer

Offer your audience valuable post-webinar resources, such as worksheets, resource guides, or white papers. We can include these assets in our post-webinar promotion. These resources create a seamless transition, continuing the conversation and nurturing dealers toward conversion.

Example Webinars

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