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Product Marketing

Choose between a free or upgraded Showcase, collect reviews from your happy customers, and leverage your reputation to assist you in your market validation.

  • Basic Showcase
  • Plus Showcase
  • Premium Showcase
  • Review Management

Thought Leadership

Share insights and best practices with our dealer audience. Participate in the dealer community, create a free blog, present on a webinar, or speak at one of our premier events.

  • Blog
  • Community Participation
  • Event Workshop
  • Award Applications
  • Webinars
  • Training Marketplace

Innovative Advertising

Take your content advertising to the next level. Our native ads convert much higher than traditional ads, allowing you to generate more leads and enhance your retargeting.

  • Native Advertising
  • Newsletter partnerships

Experiential Events

Create memorable connections and rework with like-minded dealer executives at our live events.

  • Event Sponsorships
  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Summit After Summit
  • Master Certifications

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Product Marketing Solutions

Company Page

The Company Page is your hub on the DrivingSales platform. Visitors can view your products, connect with your company, and read blog content. Any vendor can set up a complimentary company page. You can upgrade your company page at any time to utilize priority listings, enhanced exposure, and brand opportunities.

Priority Product Listings

Each day, key decision-makers in dealerships turn to Vendor Ratings, seeking partners who can assist them in achieving their goals. Vendor Ratings is the largest global marketplace for automotive vendors, boasting verified ratings provided by dealers themselves. A robust and well-regarded reputation, along with a sponsored listing, positions you directly in front of the appropriate dealership professionals precisely when they need it.

Premium Product Showcase

The Premium Product Showcase represents the pinnacle of product listings. Premium listings receive a remarkable 12 times more views than basic counterparts. Here's your chance to flaunt your solution with videos, product downloads, exclusive offers, and advanced reporting. Your listing secures prime placement on the category page, guaranteeing your maximum exposure, What's more, premium listings even enjoy conquest opportunities on non-sponsored pages.

Plus Product Showcase

Claim your page with a Plus Product Showcase today. With it, you gain exclusive benefits such as preferred positioning on the category page, the ability to upload images, access to detailed reporting, and the inclusion of contact information. The Plus Product Showcase presents an excellent opportunity to elevate your listing and establish connections with key decision-makers at dealerships.

Basic Product Showcase

Gain visibility for your product or solution with a free Basic Product Showcase. This listing places you within a product category alongside your competitors and provides an avenue for you to cultivate your reputation by inviting dealership reviews.

Thought Leadership Solutions

Company Participation

Interact with progressive dealership professionals in the Drivingsales community. Establish your company as a subject matter expert. Create a free blog to distribute your content and educated dealers. Collaborate with dealers on the world's largest automotive social network. The DrivingSales community is a perfect way to share best practices and present solutions to current dealership problems.


Deliver best practices directly to your desired dealer audience through webinars. Generate high-quality leads from individuals genuinely interested in your solutions. Our unique pricing structure ensures that you're billed solely based on dealer registrations, providing a better return on investment.

Event Workshop

DrivingSales organizes the most cutting-edge live events in the industry. Showcase your expertise by leading a workshop at either the DrivingSales Executive Summit or Presidents Club. Our panel of dealer judges meticulously curates each presenter. Submit your speaking application now and establish your brand through our event workshops.

Award Applications

Compete for prestigious awards center stage at DrivingSales events. Each application undergoes a thorough evaluation by our panel of dealers, who then handpick the finalists to present in front of our engaged audience.

Innovative Advertising Solutions

Website Advertising

Promote your products and services with our website advertising. DrivingSales places native ads. Native ad spots convert at a higher rate than conventional ads. Amplify your reach with website advertising.

Newsletter Partnerships

Advertise to dealers in one of our newsletters. DrivingSales delivers insight to dealers weekly in topics like Sales, Fixed Ops, Human Capital Management, and Marketing. Each newsletter is sent to op-in only subscribers (we don't buy lists), which means higher delivery and open rates.

Experiential Event Solutions

Event Sponsorship

DrivingSales hosts the best events at the highest quality venues. Sponsorship at our events gives you the opportunity to engage and collaborate with the most innovative dealer decision-makers.

Private Group Meetings

Prior to our live events, DrivingSales secures extra meeting space, offering you an ideal chance to host a dealer advisory board or private group meeting. These spaces are available for groups of 20 dealers and beyond, allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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