Maximize Employee Performance with our End-to-End
Human Capital Management Platform.

Build Rockstar Employees

The DrivingSales platform has everything you need to get your employees
performing at their peak and your dealership ahead of the curve.

HCM Software

Manage the entire
employee lifecycle.


Develop skills with
professional training.


Diagnose and measure
growth opportunities.


Network & collaborate
for industry connection.


Ignite innovation at the top
educational venues.

Fueling Excellence

Discover why we are so passionate about developing people

Our Products

The complete solution to maximize the performance of your team.

DrivingSales HCM Platform

Maximize performance & manage with excellence.

Top Leaders know that success is all about their team, and proper Human Capital Management is a massive advantage when magnifying employees performance.

Our software does the heavy lifting to build and manage your employees.  From new hire orientations to regular training and development, and from career management to performance reviews.  We insure your employees are on the right track and performing their best so your managers can focus on closing deals with less distraction.

DrivingSales University Curriculum

Professional training for modern dealerships.

DrivingSales University is a modern, research-based training library that prepares dealership employees to compete in today’s digital age.  With over 6,000 unique learning modules we will keep your team engaged and sharp during regular trainings. Our foundation is in progressive operations and modern consumer experience. Our specialty is in maximizing opportunities, increasing closing rates and holding gross in this transparent, digital market.  With over 10,000 employee students going through our curriculum each year, we are confident we can get your store to the next level.

DrivingSales Analytics

Insight to discover & track opportunities.

Gain insight from multiple data points that will enable your team to make decisions. We aggregate metrics from thousands of dealerships (all kept anonymous of course) and allow you to compare your real-time performance against other stores in your market.

DrivingSales Community

Connect & collaborate for peer/peer support.

Employees connected to the industry are more likely to find job satisfaction and success in their roles and less likely to turn over.  The DrivingSales community is the largest online network specific for dealership employees in the world.  We connect employees in over 70% of the nations dealerships for collaboration, networking and peer to peer support.  Join today and connect with industry experts, ask questions, read blogs and rate vendors to find the best tools to amplify your talent.

DrivingSales Educational Events

Ignite innovation at the industry's top learning venues.

Our educational events are known for being the highest quality training venues in the industry.  We specialize in progressive dealership operations across all departments.  Unlike other industry events, vendor sponsors do not determine our agenda; rather we invest a large speaking budget to bring in the top experts in the world to share how they are solving the same challenges we dealers are facing. We guarantee a high quality education along with actionable takeaways at each experience. Each DrivingSales event is calibrated to a specific job role in your organization to insure your team gets the experience they need to maximize your success and advance their careers.

Our Mission is to Optimize a Business' Greatest Asset: Its People

Thousands of dealerships partner with DrivingSales to fuel excellence at their stores.
Let us maximize your success and advance your career.

Meet Our Team

The DrivingSales family is filled with Drivers who love dealerships, technology and
helping others advance their careers. We are fast-learners who will outwork
anyone. We work hard and play harder.

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