DrivingSales Presidents Club

Super 20-group type experience with fresh perspectives

on innovation and excellence.

Super 20-group type experience with fresh perspectives on innovation and excellence.

May 15-16, 2022 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

About Presidents Club

The super 20-group for the top 100 dealers in the country. Presidents Club is designed to leverage the best parts of your 20 group. You are a participant, not just an attendee. This exclusive event is designed to encourage and facilitate high-level discussion.

Just Announced:

Dean Evans

Executive Vice President | Cars.com


Trends Driving The Future of Automotive Retail – Why Marketplaces Aren’t the Enemy

Dean will share how the automotive landscape is transforming from listings sites to marketplaces and solutions platform providers and what this means for your dealership. Discover how successful dealerships today have adapted to inventory challenges by transforming their Sales and Marketing strategies and the tools that have made this change possible. Learn how the pandemic has changed the way shoppers buy vehicles and how the most successful dealers have been able to adapt and find in-market customers.

Charles Chesbrough

Senior Economist and Senior Director of Industry Insights | Cox Automotive


Dealership Market Outlook: 2022

Learn about the vehicle market outlook for the coming year and what dealers should be doing today to capitalize on upcoming opportunities. Don’t miss Charles Chesbrough, Senior Economist of Cox Automotive, as he takes the stage at Presidents Club to give dealers a glimpse into the future of the economy and its impact on dealerships.
Discover how changes to the market will affect operations, staffing and marketing strategies among dealerships in 2022. Charles will be focusing his presentation on specific challenges that dealerships face today:

  • What is the chip shortage going to do to my inventory going forward?
  • How should I be approaching my used car inventory?
  • How should I approach staffing for the coming year?
  • What impact are EVs having today?

Session Topics

Topics focused on key areas of growth in 2022 and beyond

Human Capital

Build a modern workforce for today's customer. Acquire and retain the industry's best talent.


Discover the latest in today’s sales processes, from digital retailing to one-price selling.

Fixed Ops Leadership

Understand how top dealerships are gaining efficiencies and improving their fixed ops absorption.

Inventory Management

Uncover strategies on inventory reconditioning, merchandising, and marketing.

Search Marketing

Search is a moving target. Learn the latest on organic and paid search marketing and how you can win.

Economic Outlook

Gain insight on the automotive landscape and what the future holds for dealerships.

Join the discussion in sunny Fort Lauderdale

Strategize with the top dealers in one of the best locations in the country.

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Most Valuable Insight

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May 15-16, 2022 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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