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DrivingSales Executive Summit

Experience the highest quality training event
for progressive dealers

Oct. 9-10, 2022 | The Bellagio, Las Vegas

What Is DSES?

Preparing innovative dealers to have their best year ever.

The DSES Agenda Covers Progressive Topics in All Areas of Dealership Operations:

Modernize The Sales Process

Come away with cutting edge insights on how to integrate digital retailing and progressive F&I tactics into your sales processes to increase sales and improve gross profit.

Hire and Develop Better Talent

Implement the latest processes that increase employee performance. Increase sales, improve hours per RO and build a positive dealership culture by investing in your people processes.

Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

Build a seamless marketing plan that resonates with your consumers today and discover the latest strategies that can be leveraged for both variable and fixed ops.

Increase Fixed Ops Absorption

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your fixed operations. See what top dealers are doing today to maximize the output of the service department.

Implement Agile Inventory Management

Acquire, merchandise, and market your inventory in 2022 and beyond. Optimize your new and used car management processes.

Transform Your Leadership

Learn the latest strategies that leadership teams are incorporating today to maximize their people, capital, and brand in an increasingly online landscape.

Just Announced:

See the latest additions to the DSES lineup

Rory McDonald

Professor at Harvard Business School


Sustaining Innovation vs. Disruptive Innovation: Defending and Harnessing Both Types of Innovation to Achieve Long-term Success

At the heart of Rory's keynote will be this important lesson: How to build and sustain a successful dealership in the face of great market and technological change. 

Specifically, Rory will dive into: 

  • How you can spot threats and how to harness opportunities that arise from disruption
  • Sustaining innovation vs. Disruptive innovation
  • Why companies struggle to innovate
  • And why new products often fail to gain traction

This keynote is a must for today's dealer.

Steve Cadigan

Talent Hacker & Advisor,

LinkedIn's First Chief HR Officer


Digital Disruption Requires a New Strategy for Building Great Teams

Today, no company can promise long-term employment. The future is just too unpredictable. Instead, find out what dealers CAN offer to help employees take ownership of uncertain careers and futures. 

During his keynote at DSES 2022, Steve will break down why our workforce is leaving their companies faster than ever before, what's driving stress and depression through the roof, and why employees today are so disengaged (and what to do about it). 

All of the top dealers rely on a great team of people. Discover Steve's plan for helping employees take ownership and reach new heights. 

Harika Komandoor Ranganathan

Senior Google Consultant


Sneak Peek at the Latest Google Updates!

Dominating Google search has always been a moving target. You need the latest information to help you develop an effective strategy to maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts.

At this year’s DSES, Harika Komandoor Ranganathan of Google will walk you through the latest Google changes and how they will affect dealerships. Get a sneak peak of the 2023 Dealer Playbook as well as an inside look at the emerging trends uncovered by Google. Discover how Vehicle Listing Ads will play an increasingly important role in dealership marketing as we approach 2023. Learn the impact privacy changes will have on your marketing and how to react accordingly. This keynote will be packed with actionable insights for dealers to put into action today. Don’t miss Harika at this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit!

Jasen Rice

Founder, CEO Lotpop


Inventory Management is Lead Management, but CRM's Do Not Run That Way.

  • Jason shares how to become an expert in understanding the difference between current lead management metrics and how to measure them effectively. He'll also demonstrate how inventory affects lead provider performance. (You will maybe reconsider not canceling the 3rd party listing sites.)
  • In addition, you'll discover how inventory managers can help work leads and how lead management can help move inventory.
  • Jared Hamilton

    Jared Hamilton



    One-Degree Shifts: The Future of Automotive Retail

    Jared presents his insights on the future of automotive retail. Discover how dealers can approach different types of innovation. Uncover how recent innovations will impact the dealership business model. Learn the threats and opportunities dealership executives need to be aware of and how they can thrive in the coming years.

    Quality is in our DNA.

    This is a training experience, not your typical trade show

    • Speakers are selected by a board of progressive dealers. Vendors cannot pay to speak like at other events. Get an education, not a sales pitch.
    • We invest big bucks to hire world-renowned experts from outside automotive to bring new insights.  Learn from other industries who’ve solved challenges we face.
    • Only the top 15% of speaker applications are accepted to train in our workshops.  Our quality bar is set HIGH to ensure you leave with huge value.
    • DSES flows from the 30,000 foot view of progressive trends, to 15,000 foot view of industry best practices, to the 5 foot view of the skills to turn innovation into profits.

    Who should attend DSES?

    DSES is designed specifically for progressive dealers who are driving innovation in their stores.

    DrivingSales Events cater to progressive leaders who are in senior roles. Our training always delivers forward-thinking practices and the latest in automotive retail. Because of this, entry level dealership employees are better served at more generic industry events.

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    The Bellagio, Las Vegas

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    $10,000 Best Idea Contest

    You read that right, we put up $10k for the dealer who presents the best idea.

    Bring your A game and win big!

    Innovation Cup

    Discover the best new products to help you make money with our Innovation Cup. Imagine a cross between American Idol and Shark Tank for dealer vendors.
    Yeah, it’s that awesome. 

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    Oct. 9-10, 2022 | The Bellagio, Las Vegas

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