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Measuring Management: Should Managers Have Scorecards?

Empowering Leadership Through Effective Evaluation

Discover how managerial scorecards can redefine leadership and drive efficiency by Evaluating Managers in Dealerships. "Measuring Management: Should Managers Have Scorecards?" is a thought-provoking podcast episode hosted by Bart Wilson and J.D. Mixon, who bring over three decades of combined experience in automotive retail. Join them as they explore the transformative potential of implementing scorecards for managerial roles.

Key Insights from the Episode

The Importance of Managerial Scorecards

Managers often oversee crucial operations but lack the tools for self-assessment and improvement. This segment discusses why scorecards are not just metrics but essential tools for managerial accountability and strategic planning.

Real-World Applications and Benefits

Drawing on real-world examples, the hosts illustrate how scorecards have successfully enhanced leadership quality and dealership operations, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction among staff. Evaluating Managers in Dealerships is proven to drive growth. 

Featured Discussions

Expert Roundtable: Pros and Cons of Scorecards

Listen to a detailed analysis with Craig Wilson, a customer success manager, who shares his firsthand experiences with the implementation of managerial scorecards. This discussion delves into the practical challenges and significant advantages of this approach.

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Hosted by:

Bart Wilson

Director of Operations


J.D. Mixon

Director of Customer Success & Marketing


Craig Wilson

Customer Success Manager



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