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Navigating Change: Leadership During Software Changes in Automotive Dealerships

In today's rapidly evolving automotive industry, software changes in automotive dealerships are more than just necessary; they're pivotal for growth. This latest episode of DrivingSales Defining Leadership delves into the complexities and crucial strategies behind software changes in automotive dealerships. Join us as we explore how leadership can effectively guide their teams through these transformations.

The image for the podcast episode "Leadership Under the Hood: Guiding Dealerships Thru Software Changes" features a visually engaging and informative cover design. The main title is prominently displayed at the top, with the subtitle "GUIDING DEALERSHIPS THRU SOFTWARE CHANGES" just below. A photo of a computer keyboard sets the technological theme, emphasizing the focus on software changes. On the left, there's an overlay containing the podcast's name, "DrivingSales Defining Leadership Podcast," along with the names of the hosts, Bart Wilson & J.D. Mixon, and the guest, Doug Slezak of Auto/Mate. The right side of the image features podcast platform icons like Spotify, Apple Music, and others, inviting viewers to "LISTEN NOW." The overall design is modern and professional, appealing directly to the intended audience of automotive professionals interested in leadership and technological advancements in their field.

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Bart Wilson

Director of Operations


J.D. Mixon

Director of Customer Success & Marketing


The Impact of Software Changes on Dealership Operations

Software Transformations in Dealerships

Navigating software changes in automotive dealerships involves more than technical upgrades; it requires a robust change management strategy. As dealerships adopt new technologies, the ripple effect on processes, people, and performance is significant, calling for adept leadership and adaptable teams.

Expert Insights on Software Integration Challenges

Challenges and Solutions 

The integration of new software systems often presents unique challenges. From training staff to recalibrating business processes, understanding the hurdles helps in crafting more effective adoption strategies. This episode highlights practical tips from Doug Slezak of Auto/Mate, focusing on achieving seamless transitions.

Building a Culture Ready for Technological Advancements

Fostering an Adaptive Work Culture

Leadership's role in fostering an environment that embraces software changes in automotive dealerships is critical. By establishing a culture of learning and flexibility, dealerships can better manage the uncertainties that technological advancements bring.

The Future of Software Changes in Automotive Dealerships

Embracing Future Changes

Looking forward, the trajectory of software changes in automotive dealerships suggests a continuous need for adaptation and learning. This section will explore what future software innovations might look like in the automotive sector and how dealerships can prepare for these changes.


Software changes in automotive dealerships are transforming the landscape of automotive retail. With insights from seasoned experts and leaders like Doug Slezak, this podcast episode not only addresses the 'how' but also the 'why' of navigating these crucial changes. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives and equip your dealership for the digital age.


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