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The Simplicity of Templates  |  The Power of Customization

Onboarding / Orientation

Get your employees off to a strong start by allowing us to help you create a comprehensive onboarding track that includes personalized info like your dealership's story. Design activities that introduce new hires to your core values and the unique value proposition of your business. This approach to dealership employee management not only educates them about the company but also welcomes them warmly to the team, setting the stage for a successful integration into your company culture. Learn more. 

Training and Development

Employee training tailored to your needs. At DrivingSales, we offer access to over 3,000 ready-to-use training courses. These can be integrated with your own materials to create a custom training pathway that fits your business perfectly. This approach ensures that your team learns not only industry standards but also your specific processes and unique operational methods. Empower your employees with training that is distinctly "THEIR" way, reflecting your company’s unique values and practices. If you want to create a beneficial automotive employee management system, you need to work with folks that understand dealer-culture - you need DrivingSales.  Learn more. 


By blending training, activities, and progress, we can help you create Certification programs that ensure every employee is setup for success. All employees should achieve certification in your specific software and operational processes. Tailor these certifications to align closely with the unique needs of your dealership operations. You have the ability to decide the essential skills and knowledge that need to be imparted, and you can also control the pace at which the training is delivered. This customization ensures that your team is proficient and well-prepared to meet your business standards. Learn more. 


Empower your employees and managers to engage in high-quality coaching sessions that drive improvement and foster growth. Establish your own benchmarks for success and hold your team accountable to these standards. Proactively schedule tasks and training sessions that are specifically designed to enhance performance and develop skills. This approach not only boosts productivity but also ensures that your team consistently meets the high expectations set for them within your customized automotive employee management platform. Learn more. 

Daily Checkouts

Gain deeper insight into the performance of various departments and enhance accountability among your employees. Specify the daily objectives you want your teams to focus on and report back on. This allows you to consistently receive updates on their progress, including significant wins and areas needing improvement. By setting clear expectations and monitoring outcomes, you can better guide your teams toward achieving organizational goals. Learn more. 

Career Pathing

Boost employee engagement and retention by implementing structured career pathing within your organization. You have the authority to determine the various levels of advancement and set corresponding rewards. Utilize this well-defined career pathing strategy not only to motivate your current staff but also as a powerful recruiting tool to attract new talent. This approach highlights the potential for growth and development within your company, making it a more appealing place to work. Learn more. 

What makes DrivingSales Automotive Employee Management different?

1. Tailored

The platform is designed for you to create your own KPIs, upload your dealership content, and determine your timelines.

2. Reporting

Individual, dealership, and group reporting keeps all stakeholders in the loop. Identifying coaching, gaps and opportunities to keep operations running smoothly.

3. Support

Each rooftop has a dedicated support person to walk your employees through their development journey. Just as you need to engage with your employees, our team will engage with your designated Champion.

Ready to start engaging with your employees? 

Stop losing great employees to your competitors simply because you haven't shown them what success looks like. Let our team show you how to drive engagement and drive sales!

Do Employee Engagement and Scorecards Help?

It's time to put the "human" back in human resources. The benefits of having engaged employees is clear but the vast majority of employers still don't change.


Only 33% of U.S. employees feel "engaged" at work vs 70% in the world's best organizations. 


Engaged employees are proven to be 21% more profitable for the company.


Engaged employees have 41% lower absenteeism. 


Engaged employees receive, on average, 10% higher customer satisfaction scores.


80% of disengaged employees did NOT have clear objectives for success. 


Employees are 10x more likely to be engaged when there is a defined opportunity for career growth.

Whatever Your Team Goals,

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