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How to Create Sales Manager Scorecards

Welcome to this episode of the DrivingSales Defining Leadership Podcast, where our hosts Bart Wilson and J.D. Mixon delve deep into the practicalities of how to create sales manager scorecards. Designed for dealership sales managers, owners, and general managers, this episode offers invaluable insights into enhancing team performance and dealership success. Curious about whether your managers need scorecards? Check out our episode, Measuring Management: Should Managers have Scorecards?, to hear our perspective. 

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Your Hosts

Bart Wilson

Director of Operations


J.D. Mixon

Director of Customer Success & Marketing


Key Insights from the Episode

  • The Importance of Sales Manager Scorecards: Understand the pivotal role scorecards play in monitoring and boosting sales performance.
  • Components of an Effective Scorecard: Discover what metrics are essential for a comprehensive evaluation of sales management.
  • Performance Management Strategies: Learn how to align sales objectives with broader dealership goals for optimal results.
  • Expert Tips: Gain firsthand knowledge from seasoned professionals about implementing and utilizing scorecards effectively.

Our Guest

Craig Wilson

Customer Success Manager


Episode Highlights

  • In-depth Discussions: Bart, J.D., and Craig break down the elements of a scorecard that are crucial for sales management success.
  • Real-World Applications: Explore how various dealerships have successfully implemented these tools to drive growth and efficiency.
  • Listener Q&A: Engage with the hosts as they answer common questions about scorecard challenges and best practices.

Why Listen?

If you're looking to enhance your dealership’s operational efficiency and sales outcomes, this podcast is your go-to resource. Learn from the experts how to craft scorecards that not only measure but also motivate and guide your sales teams towards greater success.

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Don't miss out on the full range of tips and strategies discussed in this episode. Listen now to "Driving Success: How to Create Sales Manager Scorecards" and start transforming your sales management approach today!


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