Crush Your Dealership Goals With Employee Scorecards!

Discover how to engage and motivate your dealership employees to sell more cars and make more money by leveraging a scorecard review process. See how the Human Capital Management platform can automate scorecard reviews at your store!

Employees Need a Roadmap to Success. Scorecards are the Answer

Today's employees want to know how to win. Scorecards give both the manager and employee an in-depth look at the actions needed to hit their goals.



Expect a career path



Require professional training



Demand regular feedback

How Can Scorecards Help Your Team?

Increased Performance

Too many managers only focus on the end result and when goals aren't hit, it's unclear why. Scorecards help your organization focus on the key actions and behavior that leads to success.

Motivated Employees

Put your employees in the driver's seat of their own success. A scorecard process allows your people to see exactly how to grow as employees. This vision leads to a team of engaged and motivated people.

No-Hassle Management

The Human Capital Management platform has hundreds of templates for the perfect scorecard to help your employees stay focused on the most important metrics for their job role.

Let us show you how to launch scorecards at your store today!