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What's Included with DrivingSales HCM?

Career Pathing

Give your employees the motivation and drive to crush their goals. A career pathing tool engages and incentivizes each member of the team to perform at a higher level by highlighting areas of career advancement. Specific goals and objectives are defined in order for each employee to advance in their career path.

New-Hire Onboarding

Get your people up to speed faster. Provide each employee with the instruction they need to succeed at your dealership, completely automated within the DrivingSales platform.

Scorecard Reviews

Focus your team on the most important tasks that lead to success with a Scorecard Review tool. Easily track and analyze key metrics that lead to results. A Scorecard Review tool gives both the manager and employee an in-depth look at the actions needed to win.

Professional Training

Continually improve team performance with cutting-edge training. Experience the DrivingSales Curriculum with over 2,000 Courses and over 10,000 modules for the Sales Department, Service Department, Finance Department, BDC, Marketing Department, Leadership Training, and more.

See the Results Across Your Dealership

Dealerships use the power of the DrivingSales HCM platform to drive success throughout the dealership, across every department and nearly every job role. Here's a quick sample of how HCM has been proven to improve some of the more common roles dealers think of.

Sales Consultant

  • Higher units sold
  • More gross per unit
  • Increased returning guests
  • Improved CSI

BDC Agent

  • Higher appointment ratio
  • Higher appoint show ratio
  • Higher sold to appt. ratio
  • Improved CSI
  • Lower turnover

Finance Manager

  • Higher product penetration
  • Higher gross per vehicle generated
  • Improved CSI

Service Technician

  • Higher productivity rate
  • Lower comeback rate
  • Increased efficiency
  • More opportunities per inspection
  • Higher MPVI percentage

Service Writer

  • Improved hours per RO
  • Higher product sales per RO
  • Improved CSI
  • Lower turnover
  • Higher Customer Loyalty

Industry Testimonials

Our PVR is better. Our gross is better. If we didn’t have DrivingSales Employee Management to train and develop our people, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today.

Jane Parker

General Manager

Jack Burford Chevrolet

The workforce is evolving and the importance of having the proper tools to mentor and influence this current generation to conquer the market and win customers has become invaluable. This is an elite platform with proven results that give dealers everything they need to lead their teams into the future.

Tim Dromarsky

General Manager

Strathmore Ford

Training is becoming such an important part of the every-day culture at our stores. DrivingSales Employee Management makes it so easy to develop our employees in a structured and easy to use way.

Allie Turner Hooper

Director of Employee Development

Allen Turner Automotive

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