Download the DrivingSales Consumer Experience Whitepaper

56% of Customers Say They Would Buy More Often With Better Processes.

The DrivingSales Consumer Experience (DSCX) Research study interviewed over 1000 active buyers and found that consumers overwhelmingly want the process of buying a new car to improve.

Download the second of a series of four whitepapers to learn:

 - How consumers seek objective online sources

 - Distrust impacts lead generation negatively

 - 3 takeaways about how to match expectations from the website to the floor

Webinar: How Does Your Sales Team Measure Up to Customer Expectations?

The DrivingSales Consumer Experience Research found that the single most impactful factor in the customer experience at a dealership was the interaction with the sales person. The right sales experience could improve close ratios by as much as 47%. Watch this pre-recorded webinar to find out:

 - What customers want in a sales person

 - How to hire the right sales people

 - The 4 phase approach to developing your sales team

 - Find out what impact turnover has on your bottom line