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Dominate Your Marketing in 2020

Gail Rubenstein, Alex Melen

COVID-19 has changed how you market. How can you create smart campaigns on a shoestring budget? Discover the latest tactics and strategies you need to develop marketing campaigns that convert. From search to social, we’ll share the insights you need to know to win in 2020.

Optimizing Digital Retailing

Mike Cavanaugh, Matt Weinberg, Michelle Denogean

Learn how to build a successful online digital retailing process that can improve your sales and capitalize on customer demand so you can sell vehicles in today’s market and beyond.

Using Google Analytics Data in a Post COVID-19 World

​Colleen Harris, Alan Krutsch

Year over year and trend data are no longer relevant. We have experienced a reset, a new normal if you will. Join us for this session where we will use data from 3000+ websites from across the United States to illustrate the new, post COVID-19 normal. Uncover insights from the data that can help you benchmark your current digital traffic trends and begin to use this data to formulate your sales recovery planning.

Improving Efficiency for Omnichannel Fixed Ops

​Keith Baker, Kevin Flounders

Coronavirus just isn't impacting sales. Discover how you can apply omnichannel to your fixed operations. Improve the customer experience and create a more efficient service and parts operation.

Advanced Brand Strategy

​Paul Daly, David Regn, Sarah Throne

Your brand isn’t just marketing. Learn how to align your people, process, and marketing into a strong market position that can connect with customers.

Capitalizing on Online Financing

​Joe St. John, Pete MacInnis, Mike Burgiss

Online finance represents a huge opportunity for today’s dealerships, and it's never been more important than right now. Discover how to develop a strategy to capitalize on the trend of online financing so you can be profitable selling cars today. Learn how to boost profitability without increasing sales by minimizing expenses.

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