May 2023: The Month of Insights

Join us for an unprecedented series of data-driven webinars from industry leaders sharing their #1 best idea over the past twelve months.

10 Different Webinars. 
1 Most Valuable Insight Award. 
Countless Results-Driven Strategies.

Learn Smarter. You don't need to figure everything out on your own. The most successful dealers recognize that they can skip a lot of the headaches and mistakes...by simply replicating someone else's proven idea. The Month of Insights was built with that same purpose- to help your dealership make big strides...in a fraction of the time.  

Accelerate Your Growth. Join our expert speakers as they share data-driven insights and strategies to help dealers thrive in today's competitive landscape. From optimizing inventory to unusual sales strategies, we'll cover it all. Register now to gain access! 

Marketing & Sales

Cutting edge insights on how to integrate strategic marketing and what's-working-right-now sales processes to increase sales and improve gross profit.

Fixed Ops

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your fixed operations. See what top dealers are doing today to maximize the output of the service department.

Inventory Management

Acquire, merchandise, and market your inventory in 2023 and beyond. Optimize your new and used car management processes.

Leadership & Development

Learn the latest leadership strategies to empower their people, maximize capital, and establish a clear, compelling brand in an increasingly muddy landscape.

Weekly Presentations Starting May 16th

Deploy the Latest Data-Driven Tactics for Increased Dealer Success

The right data is like a trail map. It can tell you where to step and, just as importantly, where not to step. But a successful journey always starts with a trail map.

This webinar series will provide you with clear and detailed insights to help drive even more success in numerous aspects of your dealership. 

Each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from May 16th - May 25th.

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Access the Latest Innovation to Trigger Long-Term Store Success 

  1. Exposure to New Ideas, Opportunities, and Approaches
  2. Pull Back the Curtain on Top Dealer Strategies
  3. Discover Where the Industry is Headed & How To Help Lead the Pack
  4. Duplicate Successful Systems for Your Dealership
  5. Hear Expert Feedback & Clarification
  6. Instill a Culture of Innovation at Your Store

One Proven Idea Is Worth More Than One Thousand Unproven Ideas.

The most successful leaders embrace as many proven ideas as possible.
Join us to gain access to numerous tested ideas each week during The Month of Insights.

Modernize The Sales Process

Hire and Develop Better Talent

Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

Increase Fixed Ops Absorption

Implement Agile Inventory Management

Transform Your Leadership

Join Us for The Month of Insights

Weekly Presentations Starting May 16th, 2023

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