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Every Year, Our Community Gathers Face to Face to Share & Grow.

Managing a store can be overwhelming. One reason the DrivingSales Executive Summit exists is to create a mastermind of like-minded automotive professionals who share great ideas. Over the years, DSES becomes one of your most valuable assets—not only for store growth and management training, but also for social connection and personal wellbeing.

DSES provides an opportunity for dealer leaders to learn something at the event, to feel something while they are there, but most importantly to leave the event motivated to do something different. DSES Attendees report that the impact of the summit lasts the entire year long. 

Inspiring Speakers

Soak up knowledge from an extraordinary roster of motivators, researchers, and thought leaders.

Hands-On Learning

Collaborate and share ideas with a mastermind group of like-minded dealers & industry leaders.

Contests & Awards

Celebrate with us as we recognize innovations & accomplishments from throughout the industry.

Networking & Fun!

Connect with dealers from around the country, enjoy delicious food, and recharge away from the store.

September 12-13, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV

The Event Will Be Held at the Gorgeous Cosmopolitan in downtown Las Vegas

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, there is no place quite like The Cosmopolitan with its world-class dining, stunning rooftop pool, and modern design. And with its prime location on the Strip, you'll have easy access to all the best attractions in town. Come see for yourself why the Cosmopolitan is the ultimate Vegas destination! 

Join Us For Automotive's Most Elite Training

The DrivingSales Executive Summit is the only event that focuses exclusively on dealer leaders in senior roles. The entire program- from keynote speakers to breakout sessions and awards- is catered specifically for dealer executives and top management. DSES is where you'll find the best of the best of the automotive industry.

This Is NOT A Convention.

Known for its data-driven, in depth content, the DrivingSales Executive Summit is the ideal opportunity to discover what's coming in the automotive industry and how to best capitalize on future opportunities. 

Bring your top level management and leave with a full-fledged action plan for 2024. At DSES, you'll have direct access to industry leaders in marketing, sales, fixed ops, inventory management, and talent & leadership development. 

Customize Your Summit Experience.

Create a custom-tailored learning experience by selecting breakout sessions that are most essential to your store. Divide and conquer with your team in order to maximize your summit experience. Gain access to relevant tactics, discover what's working right now in the industry, and get answers from top dealers and vendor leaders.

Real Connections. Lifelong Relationships.

DSES not only allows you to 'see around the corner' in automotive, but also provides a unique opportunity to build relationships with other top dealers, thought leaders, and industry vendors. 

These connections will serve you during the summit, working with your own dealer team, and in the future. 

Keynote Speaker

Jared Hamilton

Jared Hamilton

Solving The Technician Shortage At Your Dealership

The solution to the automotive technician shortage at the dealer group requires an understanding of current technician motives and mindsets around employment.  This exclusive research uncovers what it would take to make a singular dealer group the most desired place for technicians to work in a market, giving the group the ability to recruit and fill their open technician positions, and thereby maximize their shops’ earning capacity.  

  • How To Recruit: Understanding the motivating factors that cause technicians to switch from one dealership to another
  • Non-Monetary Motivations: Identify the top non-monetary motivating factors that propel technicians to perform at higher levels once employed
  • Non-Monetary Frustrations: Recognize the top non-monetary frustrations technicians have with their current employment and how to overcome those issues
  • Motivating Pay Plans: Discover the pay structures and compensation levels that inspire technicians to perform at higher levels

Ben Hammersley

AI: Today & Into The Future

Get a first-hand look at where we are today with AI, where we are headed (you'll be surprised), and what this unique opportunity looks like for dealers.  Discover the hang-ups that paralyze progress and scare dealers from harnessing the power of AI.

Actionable insights you won't find anywhere else. 

What Attendees Say:

DrivingSales Executive Summit is what re-charges my batteries by offering new perspectives and ideas from industry pioneers.  If you want an experience that offers you the ability to change the way you approach management on the dealer level, this is the conference to be at!

-Bryan Armstrong

I attend DSES in order to learn from market leaders like Google, Facebook and TikTok, to see what vendors are disrupting the current sales model in order to get ahead of curve, and to learn from people outside the automotive industry who are passionate, innovative and insightful in what they do.  DSES is refreshing for those who want to be a student of the automotive industry, success, and life.

-Chip Alvey

I have learned so much from all the sessions that I was able to completely transform my BDC . There are truly so many wonderful ideas combined in this event.  I look forward to going every year!

-Courtney Paschal

DrivingSales Executive Summit continues to be one of the best and most effective dealership conferences out there. The intimate setting and breadth of knowledge continues to set it aside from any and all other conferences. As opposed to many bigger events, DSES allows dealers to really lean in to learn the latest and greatest of what’s going in the auto industry.

-Alex Melen

They create an atmosphere where you feel more comfortable sharing ideas, which creates both relevant and meaningful dialogue. 

DSES is always worth the time and money! Learning alongside the best in Vegas is a no-brainer!

-Ryan Smith

I was completely blown away by the level of education, the compassion and level of transparency that DrivingSales provides to their dealership clients. I am beyond grateful to be part of the DrivingSales community!

-Gail Rubinstein

Images From Last Year at DSES 2022

DSES: Preparing Innovative Dealers to Have Their Best Year Ever.

The DSES Agenda Covers Progressive Topics in All Areas of Dealership Operations:

Modernize The Sales Process

Come away with cutting edge insights on how to integrate digital retailing and progressive F&I tactics into your sales processes to increase sales and improve gross profit.

Hire and Develop Better Talent

Implement the latest processes that increase employee performance. Increase sales, improve hours per RO and build a positive dealership culture by investing in your people processes.

Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

Build a seamless marketing plan that resonates with your consumers today and discover the latest strategies that can be leveraged for both variable and fixed ops.

Increase Fixed Ops Absorption

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your fixed operations. See what top dealers are doing today to maximize the output of the service department.

Implement Agile Inventory Management

Acquire, merchandise, and market your inventory in 2023 and beyond. Optimize your new and used car management processes.

Transform Your Leadership

Learn the latest strategies that leadership teams are incorporating today to maximize their people, capital, and brand in an increasingly online landscape.

Quality is in our DNA.

This is a training experience, not your typical trade show

  • Speakers are selected by a board of progressive dealers. Vendors cannot pay to speak like at other events. Get an education, not a sales pitch.
  • We invest big bucks to hire world-renowned experts from outside automotive to bring new insights.  Learn from other industries who’ve solved challenges we face.
  • Only the top 15% of speaker applications are accepted to train in our workshops. Our quality bar is set HIGH to ensure you leave with huge value.
  • DSES flows from the 30,000 foot view of progressive trends, to 15,000 foot view of industry best practices, to the 5 foot view of the skills to turn innovation into profits.

Prior Attendees

Join some of the most progressive dealership groups in attendance

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