Breakout Speakers

Building Our Own Future: How to Sell in the New Reality

Andrew Tai

Discover how consumer expectations have been shaped by dramatic changes in purchase technology across industries and how dealerships can use this knowledge to bounce back from COVID stronger than ever.

Making Google Analytics Work for You

Colleen Harris

Transform Google Analytics from something just installed on your website to a tool for making data driven marketing decisions and understanding the customer journey.

Holistic Digital Marketing: Your Guide to Connect with More Vehicle and Service Shoppers

Dane Saville

Create a holistic digital marketing strategy that helps you maintain and gain market share. Learn strategies for new vehicles, used vehicles, and fixed operations across the major digital marketing channels — SEO, PPC, and social media — that you can use to make the most of every dollar that you invest.

People-Centered Marketing: Creating Richer Connections

Drew Delaware

Learn how your marketing campaigns can generate a true personal connection with your customers. Discover how to shift from being part of the noise to connecting with future customers in meaningful and effective ways.

Local Search Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Give Your Google My Business Profile More Attention

Eric Miltsch

Gain insight on how to optimize your Google My Business profile and connect with more local shoppers. Discover how 80% of dealerships are missing key items that impact their ability to improve local search performance.

Getting Smart with Social Media Hottest New Trends in 2020

Gail Rubinstein

Sell more cars and get a higher return on your advertising dollars on social media. Discover the latest features available on social platforms and how to leverage these features to increase sales. 

Marketing with Emotional Intelligence to Drive Profits, Business, and Market Share

Gray Scott

Discover the data, tech, and process changes you need to make sure your dealership stays nimble with any market changes today and in the future

How The Modern Consumer Wants To Buy From Your Dealership (And What That Means for F&I)

Jonathan Jordan

Learn the benefits of being flexible with your F&I process and be ready to interact with customers as they transition between channels. 

Why Most Variable Agencies Fail With Service Marketing

Kevin Kulma

Optimize service marketing content and paid media to increase conversions and make the most of your budget.

Success is No Longer Getting the Consumer in the Store: Shifting Our Thinking to Attract the Buyers of Tomorrow!

Nicolle Lamb

Learn how to evolve your customer experience to make for a seamless customer journey. Identify the enhancements you can make today that lead to real outcomes.

Smart Ways to Acquire & Move Your Inventory

Patrick McMullen and Tim Scoutelas

Get tips from the top dealers across the U.S. on how to build the right inventory now. Learn a framework for building a retail-first culture, with consistent guidelines on when to hold and when to dispose of a vehicle.

Brand vs Offer Advertising - The 2020 Dealership Debate

Quincy Armstrong

Build a winning marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond and understand how to execute a campaign for maximum results.

Organizing Organizational Growth: Position Your Business for Long Term Growth by Wrapping Your Arms Around Your Most Complicated and Most Valuable Asset, Your People

Sean Kelley

Learn how to track and coach individual performance to increase the success of your dealership. Align your peoples' behaviors to your company values and habits.

Selling to the Digital Showroom Customer: The Tools You Need to Modernize your Selling Experience

Steve Roessler

Define the Digital Showroom Customer and what engagement strategies are essential to sell in today’s Digital Dealership.

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