Master Certification

Shopper-Based Digital Marketing

Master Certification Overview

Stop treating your online shoppers as clicks and visits and learn how to build relationships online to turn them into customers. In our physical showrooms, we personalize our shoppers' experience based on whether they are a be-back, a fresh up, a service customer or a long time friend of the owner. However, we treat all our online shoppers exactly the same way with the same ad, banner, conversion tool or vehicles available on your website. Join this Master Certification where you will learn to: target ready-to-buy online shoppers to your virtual showroom, understand and analyze the types of shoppers who are visiting your virtual showroom and most importantly, personalize your engagement to win their hearts and turn them into loyal lifetime customers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Target and drive ready-to-buy online shoppers to your virtual showroom (dealership website).
  2. Understand the types of shoppers who are visiting your virtual showroom.
  3. Personalize your engagement with online shoppers to increase conversion and build relationships.

About the Presenter:

Daniel Kim

CEO and Co-Founder | Orbee Auto

Daniel Kim is the CEO and co-founder of Orbee Auto, the first marketing cloud build for automotive dealerships. As a consultant for Bain, he helped orchestrate the post-merger integration between Cox Automotive and KBB, VinSolutions, vAuto and Homenet. Daniel regularly speaks at NADA, DrivingSales and Digital Dealer and has led multiple 20 groups in helping them improve their digital marketing strategy. He has also written articles for DealerExec, Driving Sales and Wards Auto. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a BA from UC Berkeley

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