DrivingSales Executive Summit

Introducing DrivingSales Master Certifications 

Nov. 2-6, 2020 | Attend online
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Master Certification Announcements Coming Soon. Stay tuned.

Take Your DSES Learning from Theory to Application

Guarantee growth at your dealership by learning and implementing the processes that lead to success. 

Sample Master Certification Agenda

Each Master Certification comes with a unique schedule full of training and activities to educate your team and implement key process changes.

Schedule subject to change


  • Introduction to the Master Certification process. What to expect, what you will come away with.
  • Learn the Master Certification benchmarks.
  • Complete the pre-assessment.

Kickoff: Week 1
Week of DSES

  • Jared Hamilton Keynote: Leading Change. 
  • Master Certification: Live Training session.
  • Dealer workshops.
  • Innovation Cup, Dealer Panels, Beast mode and more.

Week 2

  • Homework assignment: Complete the necessary achievement assigned during week 1 live training. 

Week 4

  • Scorecard review: Start implementing the processes that lead to success.
  • Measure performance against Master Certification benchmarks. 

Week 5

  • Master Certification: Live Training Session.
  • Gain further instruction on processes to grow performance. 

Week 6

  • Homework assignment: Complete the necessary achievement assigned during week 5 live training.
  • Learners are now internalizing and implementing the Master Certification processes.

Week 8

  • Scorecard review: Measure your 60 day performance.
  • Measurable growth should be taking place.
  • Celebrate the wins with your team!

Week 9-11

  • Complete additional assignments. Implement and reinforce your growth.
  • Train your staff.

Week 12

  • Final performance review.
  • Significant growth and increases in performance should be observed during final performance review.


  • Interact with your Master Certification instructor and performance coaches.
  • Engage with instructors to get the most out of class.
  • Access to additional product and process web-based training.

Extended Education

Get the most out of the DSES learning experience with extended virtual training on the key topics that are relevant to dealers today. Traditional events can overwhelm you with too much information, too quickly. The DSES 2020 experience ensures that you master the processes and strategies taught by offering training in digestible and sustainable sessions that won't overwhelm you or your team.

Register and select the Master Certifications for you to attend.

Master Certification announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.

Nov. 2-6, 2020 | Attend virtually
Take advantage of limited-time pricing!