DSES 2019 Resources

Keynote Presentations

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Retailing Like Amazon

John Rossman

Discover What's Next in Search

Britney Muller

Grow Your Performance by Building a Strong Dealership Culture

Arnie Malham

Breakout Presentations

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Are the "Days" of Days Supply Over

Adam Tobias

The Button is Only as Powerful as the Process Behind It

Benjamin Hadley

Applying an Investment Lens to New Vehicle Management

Brian Finkelmeyer

Draft a Winning Team

Jon Purdy

Don't be Basic! ENGAGE with Today's Consumers!

Gray Scott

Generate Leads and Convert Sales Using Facebook and Instagram

Gail Rubinstein

A Better Bridge to Buying

Brent Wees and Joe Webb

Machines Will Win: Strategies and Tactics for Making More Gross Margin

Len Short

New Dealership Revenue Streams


Recruit and Retain Women in the Dealership to Improve Business

Michelle Blakeley

The Top 3 Differences Between Digital Sales and Digital Service

Mindy Batchelor

Improve Inventory Acquisitions by Tapping Into All Your Profit Centers

Robert Donovan

Driving Visibility Through Immersive Online Merchandising

Russ Daniels

Less is More Strategy - Customer Experience Starts with Engagement

Steve Roessler