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  • Review Management

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  • Blog
  • Community Participation
  • Event Workshop
  • Award Applications
  • Webinars
  • Training Marketplace

Innovative Advertising

  • Native Advertising
  • Newsletter partnerships

Experiential Events

  • Event Sponsorships
  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Summit After Summit
  • Master Certifications

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Item Code / Description

Product Marketing

Weekly post on DrivingSales.com

4 DrivingSales content interviews

2 DrivingSales Webinars

2 Master Certifications

$ 2,800.00

Thought Leadership


Participate the Community

Participate in the Event Workshop

Apply for Award

Participate in Webinars

Trade in Marketplace

$ 0.00

Innovative Advertising

VR Premium package (company and 2 products)

Buyer’s Guide Full Page Ad

Newsletter Advertising - Native 1 Zone

Native Advertising on DrivingSales Community

$ 4,500.00

Experiential Events

Apply for 1 event speaking opportunity

Event contest finalist (if selected)

Even Sponsorship credit of $30k

$ 2,900.00

Monthly Investment (USD)

$ 9,500.00


Tim Cox

SVP of Sales and CarNow

Driving Sales Customer Reviews have increased our exposure by driving dealers to evaluate their products. In a world of confident and transparent service we shouldn’t be afraid for our partners to compare and discuss how our services impact their… business and find what best fits their needs. Driving Sales reviews and forums have helped us see how we measure up so we can better develop our products and has allowed us to close more deals through honest conversation and collaboration. The direct feedback that we receive has allowed us to improve our products, customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction.

Gail Rubinstein

CEO/Founder of Retail Resilient

I can’t thank DrivingSales enough for truly caring about my business. I was completely blown away by the level of education, the compassion and level of transparency that DrivingSales provides to their dealership clients. At DSES, not only… did I make lifelong friends in the industry but I picked up about 12 dealership clients and was connected to a car manufacturer that will most likely be launching our services in a couple of their regions! I am beyond grateful to be a part of the DrivingSales community!

Drew Delaware

Head of Marketing, Gubagoo

Our sponsored product showcase is an important part of Gubagoo’s partnership with Driving Sales. The increased visibility and the crowd-sourced reviews help to influence buyer’s decisions, and build our brand.

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