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Nov. 2-6, 2020 | Attend virtually

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45% of Profiles are Decision-Makers

Brand your company as a subject matter expert with DrivingSales Webinars. Our webinars provide an excellent source of lead generation with post-webinar touch points that allow you to leverage your content to a wider audience.

Gain exclusive access to DrivingSales members and share your message to a large body of dealers. DrivingSales webinars are a perfect way to contact and engage the auto industry’s most innovative and progressive dealers. This is your chance to share your message, get focused attention, and develop targeted demand generation.

Decision-makers and industry influencers frequently attend webinars and share ideas expressed during presentations.

Note: In order to reduce marketing fatigue and help drive more registrations to your webinar, webinars will occur 2-3 times per month in 2023.

Pay-Per-Performance Pricing

Our webinar pricing is designed to drive registrations. Rather than paying a flat fee, DrivingSales charges per registration. The result is simple. More registrations for you to target and engage.


Every day, retail automotive professionals visit DrivingSales to solve problems, discover solutions, and maximize dealership opportunities. Amplify exposure by advertising on DrivingSales. Unlike other advertising mediums, your ads are delivered on a platform that is 100% automotive retail in focus. Our audience is dealerships.

29% of attendees are dealer executives

Best Practices for a Successful Webinar

The key to a successful webinar comes down to content and timing. The DrivingSales team will work closely with you to ensure that your webinar is a success. Here are some best practices that optimize your investment in a webinar.

- Get content in early

Make sure to get us the overview of your content a month ahead of your presentation. This allows our team to produce creative assets that will help promote the webinar.

- Focus on research/practical application

The DrivingSales audience rates presentations that focus on how to apply research higher. Real-life dealer examples along with ready-to-apply action steps result in higher engagement and retention.

- Sell your topic

Focus on your title and description. We’ll use that to market the your presentation. The more information we have, the better we can communicate your topic. Enlist our team to help brainstorm ideas.  

- Promote to your contacts

Utilize your webinar to reconnect with your contacts and position yourself as an industry authority and thought leader. This also provides an opportunity to reconnect with prospects and reignite interest. Our team will provide you with emails, social media content and more to make it easy for you.

- No sales pitches

Stay away from demos. Don’t simply talk about your product. Instead, focus your presentation on how a dealer can apply processes and solve problems. Make the dealer the hero of the story and your product one of the tools that help the dealer save the day. 

- Make an offer

Provide the audience with something post-webinar such as a worksheet, resource guide, or a whitepaper. This provides an easy next step that continues the conversation and nurtures dealers along towards conversion.

80-100 average registrations per webinar

Exclusive pre-webinar content interview

Will be published on, showcased in one of our daily Newsletters, and included in the pre-webinar marketing

Dedicated email promotions

Promotions on our social media profiles

Dedicated landing page

Registrations / Attendee list

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Webinar recording

Post-webinar email to atendees

Recording hosted on

Archived webinar link on our site

Price: $50 per dealer registration

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