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Bridging the Gap: Building a Connected Online and In-store Retail Experience

Join this webinar to dive into the success story of J. Bertolet Volkswagen, a family-owned dealership adapting to the digital age. Discover how they built a connected online to in-store experience customized to their ‘hands-off’ selling process.

Learn how their lead-to-sale rate soared to 4X the national average, and how they grew profit over 400 percent. Discover how Upstart's platform offered a customizable and intuitive tool, providing a truly end-to-end customer experience. Register now to learn more!

August 24, 2023  | 1PM Eastern

Presented by:

Andrew Vigoda

J. Bertolet Volkswagen

Fiona Santoianni

Upstart Auto Retail

Takeaways from this webinar:

  • Seamless online-to-in-store experience: Learn how a dealership’s customers effortlessly transitioned from online to the showroom, building trust and eliminating back-and-forth interactions.
  • Improve lead-to-sale rate: See how J. Bertolet achieved a 40% lead-to-sale rate, outperforming the national average and securing the highest rate in the country
  • Innovation and collaboration: Gain valuable insights from J. Bertolet's success and understand how a digital retailing partner can revolutionize your dealership.

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August 24, 2023 | 1PM Eastern