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Boosting Car Sales & Profits with Buckeye Honda

Like many dealers, Buckeye Honda needed to adapt to customers’ online shift during COVID. But in order to improve the sales process for both consumers and employees, Buckeye Honda recognized that connecting the online and in-store experience would be key.

Discover how Buckeye Honda leveraged Upstart Auto Retail across online, in-store and financing to increase profits, close rates and provide more affordable financing options to their customers.

Nov. 02, 2023 | 1PM Eastern

Presented by:

Steve Rosenzweig

Upstart Auto Retail

Kent DeLong

Buckeye Honda

Jack Young

Buckeye Automotive

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Takeaways from this webinar:

Faster training and onboarding: hear how Buckeye Honda streamlined training and onboarding for their sales teams, allowing them to confidently use the new tool within just a week.

More affordable financing options: learn how Upstart is presenting the lowest rate 71% of the time for Buckeye, enabling more affordable financing options for consumers.

Higher efficiency and higher close rates: discover how Buckeye has generated a 76 percent higher lead-to-close ratio, increasing vehicles sold from online leads from 83 to 146 over six months after implementing-Upstart Auto Retail.

Improved customer engagement: learn how digitization boosts customer trust.

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Nov. 02, 2023 | 1PM Eastern