Maximize the Performance of Your Workforce

See how the DrivingSales Human Capital Management platform can help your dealership attract, build and retain top-performing employees by automating the key people processes. 

Why Your Dealership Should Consider a Human Capital Management platform

The average dealership turns over 70% of their sales staff every year. Each untrained newbie burns about $47,500 in lost opportunity as they ramp up. Then, when they feel uncertain about the future they leave forcing the dealer to start the cycle over again.

The revolving door costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by wasting the opportunities that you had invested to bring in. Untrained employees hurt your customer experience and take a disproportionate amount of a managers time. However, this is fixable by instilling a few critical processes.

"The DrivingSales Human Capital Management platform is going to enrich every employee, every teammate that you have at every level... It's considerably helped our turnover, which has helped our bottom line."

General Sales Manager

"The DrivingSales Human Capital Management platform has allowed us to create a structured framework for developing our people."

Director of Sales, Marketing and Corporate Potential

Automate the Key Processes that Lead to Success

The most important process in your dealership is the way you motivate and develop your people. However, managers often report difficulty in finding time to coach and hold their people accountable for training paths and personal development. The Human Capital Management platform eliminates that difficulty by automating these critical processes.

Maximize Performance

The right management processes will close more deals and keep guests coming back. Drive more volume, gross and CSI without more marketing or inventory expenses.

Strengthen Culture

Execute your processes more consistently by automating your people strategy, training consistently, and holding your team accountable.

Increase Retention

Stop the revolving door by providing new employees with career visibility, professional training and a path to succeed from day one.

Accelerate Growth

Ramp up new employees from new hire to top performer much faster with our automated orientations and career mapping. Get your employees producing quickly!

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