DrivingSales Master Class Overview

Building High Performance Employees

Building High Performance Employees is an 8 week intensive certification program for dealership managers. The program will train and certify participants to manage the most important employee process to develop and manage top performers.  

This Master Class is designed to introduce you to employee management practices to help you take care of the most important asset, your people. In today’s economy, customer expectations are changing, and the need for a better, more versatile employee is greater than ever. Traditional methods of developing and retaining your people are no longer aligned with the needs of the modern workforce. Not only will you gain the necessary insight on employee management practices, but you will build and implement processes within your organization to help recruit, engage, develop and retain your employees.



Prior to the event, participants must have a pre-event call with DrivingSales to receive their instructions. We will hit the road running so you will want to be prepared.


July 28, 2020

Live Training: Scorecards and Performance Reviews: Providing Clear Direction to the Team

  • The needs of the modern workforce
  • How to create and implement performance reviews
  • The do's and don'ts of performance reviews

Due Date: Friday
August 7, 2020

Homework Assignment:

  • Access the Master Class homework packet
  • Complete a performance review scorecard worksheet and email it to your Employee Management Expert (our team will load it for you). This may take some time and you may want to use other members of your leadership team to help you with this project. Take your time and identify what quotas are important to your organization and the job role.
  • Complete a performance review with your Employee Management Expert
  • Complete the Performance Review Track on the HCM platform
  • Conduct a meeting with your team explaining the new performance review process and the "why"
  • Set up a Performance Review schedule for your team (individual appointments)
  • Comment and interact on The Power of Performance Reviews blog in the community
  • Post one of your scorecards in the Scorecards and Performance Reviews forum

August 11, 2020

Live Training: Build a Professional Training Plan for Your Store

  • What we train today vs what employees need
  • The four factors for competency-based learning
  • Creating a training calendar to fit your organizational needs

Due Date: Friday
August 14, 2020

Homework Assignment:

  • Complete your Employee Manager Processes assessment
  • Access the Master Class homework packet
  • Complete a training and development calendar worksheet (our team will load it for you)
  • Assign training calendar to your team
  • Comment and interact on the Building a Professional Training Plan for Your Store blog in the community
  • Participate in the Professional Training Plan forum

August 17, 2020

Live Training: Career Pathing: Developing a High-Performance Team by Levels

  • Why employees are not engaged
  • Performance vs development
  • Creating levels for your team
  • Managing by level and not tenure

Due Date: Friday
August 21, 2020

Homework Assignment:

  • Complete the career level worksheet for your department (our team will load it for you)
  • Comment and interact on the Career Pathing blog in the community
  • Participate in the Career Pathing forum

August 25, 2020

Live Training: Task and Project Management: Manage Activities that Drive Results

  • Habits vs tasks
  • Build your top performers with habits by level
  • Managing with tasks

Due Date: Friday
August 28, 2020

Homework Assignment:

  • Complete a habits by level worksheet (our team will load it for you)
  • Comment and interact on the Task and Project Management blog in the community
  • Share one habit you are working on with your team in the Task and Project Management forum

September 1, 2020

Live Training: New-Hire Orientation

  • Current onboarding practices
  • Benefits of proper onboarding for your organization
  • 6 questions to ask when developing an onboarding outline

Due date: Friday
September 4, 2020

Homework Assignment:

  • Complete the onboarding worksheet (our team will load it for you)
  • Comment and interact on the New-Hire Orientation blog in the community
  • Participate in the New-Hire Orientation forum

September 8, 2020

Live Training: Business Plan: Final Assessment of Your Employee Management Processes

  • Best implementation practices
  • Final assessment worksheet
  • Implementing HCM in your organization

Due date: Friday
September 11, 2020

Homework Assignment:

  • Complete the final assessment worksheet
  • Set up an appointment with your employee management expert to review your business plan
  • Comment and interact on the Building a Professional Training Plan for Your Store blog in the community
  • Post the key takeaways from your business plan in the Business Plan forum