What are the DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards?

The Dealer Satisfaction Awards are a set of public accolades given to the best automotive vendors who receive the highest vendor ratings in a given product category. Anonymous Vendor Rating results are tallied and verified over the calendar year (January - December). Customer trophies are typically presented to each award recipient at a special award ceremony held at the annual NADA convention.

Obtaining vendor recommendations that truly understand your industry is crucial for ensuring you receive tailored solutions that address your specific needs and challenges. Verified reviews, such as those provided by DrivingSales Vendor Ratings, are essential because they guarantee authenticity and reliability. Every review is confirmed to be from a real user, eliminating the risk of biased feedback from competing vendors. This ensures you can make informed decisions based on genuine experiences, leading to better outcomes for your dealership.

And the DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Award Winners are...

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Dealers rate and review the products they use.

Every review is verified by phone before being published.

Any vendor can be listed on DrivingSales for no cost.

Verified ratings and feedback guide you to the right vendor.

DrivingSales uniquely serves the automotive industry by featuring vendor ratings exclusively from dealership employees, ensuring reviews are based on real-world product usage. It stands out for its rigorous review verification process; each submission is personally confirmed via a phone call by the DrivingSales team to ensure authenticity and relevance. The platform promotes inclusivity by allowing any vendor to be listed for free, encouraging comprehensive feedback. This system of verified insights guides dealerships to reliable vendors, making DrivingSales a pivotal resource for informed decision-making in the automotive sector, characterized by trust, transparency, and community-driven evaluations. Learn more about our vendor ratings process here. If you are interested in having your company added to the DrivingSales Vendor Ratings platform at no cost, click here