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Coaching the Car Business


Car Motivators

Coaching the Car Business

Coaching Excellence

Create unimaginable growth at your dealership by transforming yourself from a manager to a coach. Gain access to this coaching program that has helped hundreds of automotive leaders across the country lower turnover, increase sales and decrease stress. After completing this course, you'll become a better leader that will make an even greater impact throughout your organization and for your career.

You'll discover the solutions to these challenges that we face as an industry:

  • How can I quickly help underperforming employees exceed their expectations?
  • How do I coach those "un-coachable" employees?
  • How can I motivate Millennial and Gen Z employees to get better results?
  • How can I find time to develop my staff with all of the hats that I wear as a leader?

As low as $1299.00 Monthly









What You Will Receive

  • Impactful training content to help you coach your team
  • Materials to help onboard your entire team on your coaching program.
  • Frameworks and cheatsheets for the four types of coaching to help your staff make impactful employee interactions.
  • Your own personal, post-coaching action plan technology to help keep your employees on track
  • Create your own coaching cadence calendar
  • And much more!

Who We Are

Car Motivators Inc. CEO Sean Kelley #TheCarBizCoach and his team of coaches have a combined 110 years of automotive sales and leadership experience in every car dealership department.

Our coaches take this experience and deliver presentations in the most exciting, enthusiastic and engaging way. Sean Kelley and his team of coaches have spoken professionally across the country for hundreds of car dealers, technology companies and conferences from coast to coast and in multiple countries. We customize our speaking engagement to our audience and even taylor presentations from scratch for companies. We speak on leadership, culture, sales, service, BDC, coaching, technology implementation and more. Our presentations are interactive, fun, purposeful and inspiring.