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We’ve made training your team a breeze.

Training employees is arguably the most important job one has as a manager, unfortunately the reality is that running the business often gets in the way of building your people. Most managers agree we could improve the quality of our employee’s training and it would yield big improvements in our success. Now, with the Training and Development feature, your team will have consistent, professional training and you can reap the rewards of taking your team to the next level.

In only a few minutes, managers set training assignments, then the system administers the entire training process. Each employee can see a list of their assignments on their Assignments page. The Develop Feed serves up training for employees to complete, in the order it is due. Each Course is made up of Modules, so learning is fast, yet effective. Videos, activities, reading assignments, presentations, quizzes and more cater to all types of modern adult learning styles. This allows your employees to learn how they absorb information best. Because courses are assigned to an individual, they can train at their pace, making down time valuable. Thanks to our instant reporting, you can hold everyone accountable to your training expectations.

One of the most valuable aspects is that in addition to our award winning, modern customer experience training curriculum you can add your own content to the library. Start out with the thousands of DrivingSales University courses and modules, but have your top employees add their own master classes in minutes so your dealership can memorialize and scale the institutional knowledge that makes your business unique. Stop watching valuable insider knowledge leave when employees turnover. Capture the training unique to your business for that consistent professional touch.

Employees will love the personal growth of professionally managed training and your business will perform better with a well trained staff. Learn how to assign training, Read training reports and add content to the training library in these tutorials.


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